Three fabrics you need in your closet this winter


In the world of fashion, trends come and go each season. And like history, trends also tend to repeat itself. Eras of the 90s and early 2000 are creeping back into mainstream fashion. They are back and it is real.

As fashion recycles past trends, it modernizes them to fit into today’s society. Fashion proves its recreation of transforming timeworn items through iconic fabrics of velvet, fur, and satin.




Gucci Fall/Winter 2016

Velvet. The luxurious fabric has arisen from the 90s. The texturally dense and soft to the touch material has made a return through classic designers. Gucci FW/16 collection introduced its take on the dearly missed fabric.

Garments of embroidered velvet and layering over contrasting colors and fabrics, had made it an influential debut of a comeback.

Gucci’s color scheme incorporated statement shades of pinks and reds, complementing over blacks and other versions of deepened pigments on the color palette.

The collection resembles a Renaissance feel through corsets, bell sleeves, and embellishments. Velvet was distinctively the primary theme. From thigh high boots, dresses, bags, bottoms and jackets, velvet stole the show.

Velvet in the 90s was worn opulently by women. The lavish fabric had adapted an irresistible glare toward the elegancy of it. Whether it is worn casually or plushy, velvet has transformed back into mainstream fashion.




Fendi Fall/Winter 2016

How can you not idolize a woman flaunting an overly exaggerated fur coat? Oversized fur coats paired with heels, red lipstick, and a glass of wine in your hand. The powerful feeling of wearing fur can make someone feel like a queen. Before any assumptions, animal cruelty will never be trendy.

Fur in the 90s was knowingly worn by iconic models such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Fur became a womanly status of wealth and high-class. As fur currently evolves back into style, the trend has become more casual.

Fendi’s FW16 collection portrayed the classic statement of fur. The collection features the fabric designed as colorful prints of straight and zig-zag strips, styled casually and extravagantly.

Fendi is known for it’s classic and timeless couture. Head designer, Karl Lagerfeld spoke to Vogue Magazine regarding his FW16 collection.

“We don’t over intellectualize—we just do!” Lagerfeld said. “And we don’t suffer doing it!”

Lagerfeld described Fendi’s lack of over-analysis on fashion. Fendi incorporated pops of color including orange, yellow, blue, and red. His words were proven through the experimentation of representing fur with bold colors, embroidered jewels, and stripped prints.




Alberta Ferretti Fall/Winter 2016

The glossy, smooth fabric of satin has immensely become influential in 2016. The heavy, durable material has made its way back into runway.

Satin has recently become a casually worn fabric through the trend of lingerie. Lingerie has commonly been worn over t-shirts and turtlenecks, bringing out the contrast of the lace and shiny material.

Ferretti’s FW16 collection makes the exposure of underclothing, a norm. Transforming satin lingerie into high fashion through embellishments, lace, and long length, effectively normalizes the revealing idea.

The collection highlights colors of red, brown, cream, green, and black. The incorporation of fur and velvet made an appearance, paired with satin material. The contradiction of polished fabric with duller materials, balances the garments well. Ferretti establishes a vital role among other designers through his take of satin.

A Stylist’s Opinion

Metro Detroit stylist, Rachel Schostak shares her perceptive of current trends through her website, StyleShack. In a recent blog post, Schostack listed her five fall essentials, including a bomber jacket, lovely lace, fall floral, menswear element, and velvet.

Regarding the trends of fabrics, she states the comeback of velvet. She describes the material as “cozy, yet funky.” She recommends to wear the fall essential fabric in bold colors such as mustard, burgundy, or burnt orange.

Schostak explains how to wear velvet. From daytime or a night out, she describes the diversity of velvet. She also provides links to items for her readers in order to shop the trend.

As fads come and go, the fashion industry will continue to rediscover previous styles and renovate the old into the new. Couture will remain the epitome of each season’s upcoming trends, as department and fast fashion stores will continue to be influenced by designers.

Whether you follow trends or not, you are subconsciously purchasing items of clothing from trends trickled down to your local Forever 21, Zara, or H&M. Your new velvet choker or satin top originated from the highest of couture.

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